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Great value ear piercing at Hair Design Plus!

Thinking of having your child's ears pierced? Why not come to Leah at Hair Design Plus.Leah has been piercing ears for over 4 years now so is very experienced at this. As Leah now has 2 children of her own, she understands how children's minds work and knows how to put them at ease and make it fun rather than them getting nervous.

She will explain to you in good detail exactly what the procedure is. You will then need to fill in some documentation to be kept on record. After this is completed your child and yourself can then choose the ear rings you wish the ears to be pierced with. Our price of just £10 includes both piercings complete with ear rings and a bottle of cleaning fluid to care for the ears afterwards. And of course a lollypop for your child for their good behavior!

Some of you may leave it until you are older to have your ears pierced, or maybe wish for a second piercing. This you can discuss with Leah and she will discuss the procedure and your options. The price is the same.

Leah does ear piercing at Hair Design Plus


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